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aDue to the large valleys all leading out to a vast sunken landscape at the North of the planet, Nasa’s Men-in-white-coats have suggested the possibility of an ocean.  My own thoughts on this is just “wow”.

If the Elite wanted to unite the world, Space Exploration is the way to do it.  And it is also a sure-fire way of ensuring the survival of the human species, for one day, our Sun go super-nova, swallowing the Sol system and us Earth with it.

The famous “face” photo (just up from the centre).  Nasa say it was formed by wind and judging by the surrounding mounds, I’d make them right.

How she looks now.  Strange to think about all these planets floating about in the universe, seemingly unaware of the forces involved in their creation and certain destruction.  All those mysteries of the universe to be solved, yet here on Earth, it seems we as species are just rolling around in our own filth while screaming at eachother.

All we, and I use that ‘we’ generously, have achieved is one poxy space station!  Where’s the space-life, the moon base, the asteroid mining, the terra-forming and the damn exploration fleet?  Arthur C. Clarke has a lot to answer for, getting my hopes up so high.

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