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Above and Beyound

The Telegraph has a wonderful gallery of 28 space-related pictures.  All worth a gander but thought it best to post my favourites here and the reasons why.

This nebula is just beautiful to look at, the sheer size, the colour and the stars around the outside make this one impressive picture.  The energy involved boggles the mind, the purpose of it even more so.

The soap-bubble in the picture is the result of a star exploding sending out debris.  Or so I read.  Still a gorgeous picture.

A rectangular object photographed lying on the Marian surface.  Have NASA plans to uncover what it is?  Of course not, more interested in keeping the flames of interest alive.

And this is my absolute favorite.  Firstly, this is 100% genuine.  Secondly, it reminds me of a music video I once saw which had me in fits.  And finally, it looks so trivial yet so right.

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